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  A photograph for History

Documentary made for Barça Studios commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Basel Cup Winners' Cup (1979), FC Barcelona's first major European title. 

With this documentary FC Barcelona started the Barça Studios project, an OTT platform with exclusive content produced and marketed by the Football Club itself. The project was commissioned by the club to commemorate the 40th anniversary of winning the first European Cup Winners' Cup in 1979, which was FC Barcelona's first major European title.


The shooting was very special, as we were able to give testimony to a whole generation of ex-footballers who grew up with our parents, and who are true legends today. This was also the last opportunity we had to be able to reunite most of this very special group of people. However, some key figures declined to appear in the documentary due to their delicate health conditions.


It was a great incentive for me to work with a large number of original homemade films shot by the fans themselves during that mythical final, bearing witness to a universe that 40 years later has already disappeared. There is a clear desire in the documentary to capture the filmic time frame that belongs to the past. As for the construction of the piece, one of the aspects that interested me the most, in terms of perspective, was to be able to symbolically "freeze" time in the editing and to temporarily jump from one period to another by filming in the same locations where the events took place forty years ago.


The documentary is also a tribute to the eye of the Barcelona photographer Horaci Seguí (Barcelona, 1930), whose work was developed in numerous fields such as music, sports and political photography. Seguí's camera was an exceptional witness in the final between FC Barcelona and Fortuna Düsseldorf, adding color and contrast with his camera's lens to those events. Forty years later, we closed the circle and asked him to use the camera he used back then to take a portrait of the group of FC Barcelona players and fans who were in Basel.


I cannot fail to acknowledge the work and enthusiasm screenwriters Albert Cid and Robert van Eeckhout have shown in this project, as this piece would not have been possible without them. Thanks to the talent and dedication of editor Alberto Amil, we were able to embark on an authentic journey back in time to relive the events. On my personal Vimeo page you can find an English subtitled version of the documentary.

Client: Barça Studios

Directed by: Guillem López

Screenwriters: Albert Cid, Robert van Eeckhout, Guillem López

DOP: Sonia Armengol

Camera Operators: Sonia Armengol, Jordi Sanglas

Editor: Alberto Amil, Raúl Represa

Executive Producers: Paco Latorre, Míriam Nadal

Production Manager: Lourdes Sacasas

Sound: Jaume Sellés

Main on End Title Sequence: Joanxa Serrat

Language: original version in Catalan and Spanish without subtitles

Broadcasted on Movistarplus from June 1rst, 2019 until June 3rd, 2020

Year of production: 2019

Running time: 72 minutes

More information available at:                       &   


DOCUMENTAL. BASILEA Una fotografía per a la història
DOCUMENTAL. BASILEA Una fotografía per a la història
DOCUMENTAL. BASILEA Una fotografía per a la història
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