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Ronald Federico Araújo da Silva

Fifth chapter of the Origins series for Barça One: The FC Barcelona's official streaming platform. Documentary about the personal and sporting origins of Uruguayan footballer Ronald Araújo. Filmed in Rivera and Montevideo, Uruguay.

When I make a documentary, I try to dedicate as much time as possible to document the story, the characters and the places where the events take place. In the case of Ronald Araujo, the documentation process required an extremely fast process, due to limited time and budget constraints.

The Araujo Project started on June 6, 2023 with a phone call from FC Barcelona and by August 16 we concluded the editing of a definitive version of the doc. This documentary's pre-production was extremely fast, I only had three weeks to gather enough documentation in order to set up a shooting schedule, which was limited to three and a half days in the border city of Rivera and two days in Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city. As for the post-production, we only had three weeks for editing. Clearly, these were some of the tightest deadlines we have ever seen.

This time FC BARCELONA involved VANQUISH MEDIA agency in the production, which is in charge of managing the image and communication of the Uruguayan player with the media. Gonzalo Montaña, Marketing Executive of the agency, liaised with the player and joined us for the shooting in Uruguay and coordinated all the actions with Araujo on the set.

The shooting had a bumpy start. We missed the first day's outbound flight: Madrid-Montevideo, due to delays with the origin connection in Barcelona. As a result, we had to readjust the whole shooting schedule and lost one of the three days we had agreed to shoot with the player. Upon landing in Uruguay we had another day ahead of us to travel the 504 km that separate Montevideo from Ronald Araujo's hometown, Rivera, by van. The only way to get to Rivera is by road, as there are no domestic flights to Rivera as of today.

While in Europe it's summer in July, it's winter in Uruguay, so we had to swap our shorts for warmer clothes. It usually doesn't rain in Rivera, but those days it poured, which also forced us to make changes on the fly throughout the whole shooting.

Every time we shoot in a foreign country, it is usual to travel with a very small crew of three to four people: me as the director, the DOP (Gil Ventura) and the scriptwriter (on this occasion Pep Molero, who joined the series and shooting with us for the first time). Given the lack of a production manager on the set, we always rely on a local production company to act as a service on site. This time, I would like to highlight the outstanding professionalism, work and commitment that the producer and fixer Fernando Laureiro, with his company 'ORIGAMI: contenidos audiovisuales'', relayed to us. Fernando and his magnificent team, with Guillermo Vázquez in the lead, were of vital importance in order to successfully carry out such a fast production with such limited room for maneuver.

This piece has been one of the most physically demanding documentaries for me for the first time. The physical and mental demands take their toll at the end of the day, and when you get to your hotel room all you can think about is sleeping and recovering to be at your best the next day. Well, that's how I experienced it on this occasion. Although it's not a very pleasant feeling when this occurs, once the shooting is over, at the end of the day you always end up treasuring the good moments.

The post-production was carried out over a record time, with only three weeks for the editing due to budgetary constraints. The editing of the piece was in charge of Arnau Alberch, with whom I worked for the first time in a project of this nature and where he did a magnificent job in challenging conditions. If there is only one thing I would highlight about him, it is his commitment to the project, his tenacity, his perseverance and his ability to always give his best during the whole editing process. Arnau showed a great teamwork attitude and that is something fundamental in an editing room.

I feel deeply grateful to have been able to shoot several chapters of this series and to have had the privilege of doing what I love the most: traveling, shooting and meeting incredible people in every place and country we have been to. Also, to have worked with a team of outstanding people such as: Josué Turnez, Esther Álvarez, Patricia Domínguez, Quirze Arenas or Albert Monreal. Last but not least, I would like to thank the tremendous capacity and professionalism of Gil Ventura, the DOP, a true all-rounder on the film set, without whom this ORIGINS adventure would not have been the same.

The Premiere of the documentary took place on March 6, 2024 at the Texas cinema in Barcelona. The documentary was released for Barça One on April 4th.

Client: Barça Studios. 

Directed by: Guillem López

Executive producers: Jordi Abel, Albert Grau, Willy Peters

Production Manager Barcelona: Albert Grau 

Production Manager Uruguay: Fernando Laureiro

Barça Studios Production: Andrea Roig (Barcelona)

Production Supply Uruguay: Vanquish Media Agency

DOP: Gil Ventura

Scriptwriters: Guillem López, Pep Molero

Film Editor: Arnau Alberch

Camera Operators: Guillem López, Gil Ventura

Camera Assitant: Guillermo Vázquez

Drone Unit: Guillermo Vázquez

Gaffer: Fernando Calvete

Lighting Technician: Sebastian Santana

Sound Recording: Andrés Arias & Karina Bizzo

Production Runner: Joaquín Michellini

Runners: Daniel Acosta, Sebastian Santana

3D Title designer: Fernando Sueiro

VFX: Johny Carvalho

Colorist: David Avecilla

Sound post-production: Quiqué  Nicolás

Language: original version in Spanish.

Year of production: 2023

Running time: 41 minutes

More information available at:                                                                                                             

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Shooting Origins with  Ronald Araujo
Shooting Origins with  Ronald Araujo
Shooting Origins with  Ronald Araujo
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