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Anti-racism in soccer campaign for UNESCO and the FCB Foundation.


Featuring: Leo Messi, Seydou Keita and Gerard Piqué

The ad was commissioned by the Foundation and specifically by Marc Parramón Alcalde, who was then in charge of communications at the FCB Foundation. The campaign was to feature three players from the FC Barcelona first team and to convey as directly as possible the anti-racism message promoted by the FCB Foundation and Unesco: the idea that everyone has a role to play in the fight against racism, and that only with a constructive spirit and the joining of forces will this reprehensible behavior be eradicated.

The video was produced to commemorate the International Day against Racial Discrimination on March 21.

The piece contains fragments in Catalan, Spanish, English and French, with the purpose of raising international awareness of the cause.


When shooting with high-level players, one of the things that tends to happen is the fact that they are very protected by their environment (managers, communication departments, the clubs themselves, etc...) So when they participate in a shooting, there is usually a very limited amount of time to work with them. In our case we had five minutes per player, so bearing this limitation in mind I took a quick and creative approach in which players played a different role on the field than usual.

Since I knew that the players had no previous experience in the use of spray paint or graffiti, I prepared two giant boards with the word RACISM already printed on them. The two panels were held up by C-stands and sandbags. On the visible side of the camera I had a blank board with the word RACISM ready to be painted by the players, and on the other, I had a finished version painted by Pablo Gilabert, an expert graffiti artist, and at that time a stage manager at Barça TV.

We were also lucky that the players showed up in the chronological order we devised, which is how it appears in the final edit, allowing us to gain some time on the set to shoot some extra footage.

As can be seen in the edited version, there is no wide shot of the scenes, and I did this to avoid showing the original graffiti painted by the players. Just before shooting the last scene with Piqué, as he approaches the camera in a close-up, we flipped the panel painted by the players to replace it with the good finished graffiti panel. 

We shot the whole Messi intro in close-up shots as if it was a western in order to generate tension and create certain expectation, using a low f-stop on camera to have very shallow depth of field. This was a bit detrimental to some shots where the light of the players was too harsh and the latitude limitations of the camera sensor were quite noticeable.

Client:  FCB Foundation & UNESCO

Directed by: Guillem López 

Camera: Dmente (Bcn)

Copy: Guillem López

Executive Producer: Marc Parramón Alcalde (Comms Chief Officer at Barça Foundation)

Production: FC Barcelona Audiovisual Department

Final Graffiti: Pablo Gilabert Hernando

Film Editor: Guillem López

Lenguage: Catalan, Spanish, French & English

Year of production: 2011

Running time: 32 sec.

More information available at:            &


PUT RACISM OFFSIDE. Featuring: Leo Messi, Seydou Keta and Gerard Piqué. Anti-racism campaing. Guillem López Conejo.
PUT RACISM OFFSIDE. Featuring: Leo Messi, Seydou Keta and Gerard Piqué. Anti-racism campaing. Guillem López Conejo.
Put the Racism Offside Promo . Guilem López & Leo Messi
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