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Francisco Trincão

Second episode of the Origins series for Barça Studios' OTT platform. Documentary about the personal and sporting origins of Portuguese footballer Francisco Trincão. Filmed in Viana do Castelo and Braga, Portugal.


Once we wrapped up the Origens shooting about Pedri, we hopped on a flight to Porto (Portugal). In other words, it was the end of one shooting and the beginning of another. The Trincao shooting took place between July 23rd and July 27th, 2020. When we started filming, we felt somewhat uncertain, because even though we had everything prepared and a fairly closed work schedule, we were starting from scratch again with a new character, a new story, and with a similar context to the previous one, but with a different team of local producers (production supply company).

Screenwriter Patricia Domínguez, who had already been with us on the first episode of Origins, joined the shooting in the city of Braga, and at the same time, we bid farewell to Albert Monreal, who wrote the script for the episode dedicated to Pedri. Albert returned to Barcelona in order to continue working on the content that had been filmed in the Canary Islands.

From a filmmaking point of view, this is one of the episodes I can say I'm most satisfied with. The work we did with Gil Ventura in this regard turned out to be truly remarkable. As for the photography, we took the utmost care with the framing and the sequences where the characters interact with one another.

There are times that, when a shooting is over and you see the final edit, you get this feeling that the edit just doesn't do justice to the material that has been shot, but in this case, I have to say it was quite the opposite.

I consider it very important to dedicate time to post-production and to be able to work closely on the editing. I believe it's key, because once you're in the editing room you can completely rewrite the story. Sometimes you shoot thinking that a sequence will work in a certain way in the editing room, but then you get to the editing room and when you put it back together, everything changes and the magic happens, resulting in a whole new variable that you hadn't estimated.

With this in mind, there is a sequence that was shot at night with Trincao coming out onto the pitch and the Braga stadium completely empty. This was meant to be the closing sequence for his tenure at the Braga Club, however, later on, in the editing, it became a "Leiv Motiv" to review all the years of training that the player spent at that club.

Editor Josue Turnez's work, who made his own version of some of the sequences we had shot, was excellent, demonstrating the importance of editing and the way it can always contribute to new narrative avenues for the filmed material.

Client: Barça Studios. 

Directed by: Guillem López

DOP: Gil Ventura

Scriptwriter: Patricia Domínguez, Albert Monreal

Camera Operators: Guillem López, Gil Ventura

Camera assitant: Joao Sá

Sound: Vasco Pucarinho

Executive producers: Paco Latorre, Willy Peters, Jordi Abel

Production Manager: Esther Alvárez

Production Supply Portugal: Neva Films

Runner: Luis Lópes

Film Editor: Josué Turnez

Colorist: Jordi Aranyó

Sound post-production: Ángel Lardin

3D Title designer: Fernando Sueiro

Language: original version in Portuguese with Spanish subtitles

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 36 minutes

More information available at:                                                                                                            


ORIGINS Francisco Trincao. Full Documentary. Guillem López Conejo.
ORIGINS Francisco Trincao. Full Documentary. Guillem López Conejo.
ORIGINS Francisco Trincao. Full Documentary. Guillem López Conejo.
ORIGINS Francisco Trincao. Full Documentary. Guillem López Conejo.
ORIGINS Francisco Trincao. Full Documentary. Guillem López Conejo.
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