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November in Natura

A generic promo of Natura Channel dedicated to the most relevant contents of the month of November. Year 2002.

Natura was a private Spanish Pay TV channel, specialized in Nature and the environment, which broadcasted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It focused its programming on the "Planet Earth" concept, and its schedule was mainly focused on documentaries about our planet.

On April 23, 1998, the television platform Vía Digital launched Natura Channel for subscribers. In June 2003, the ONO company (currently Vodafone TV) signed an agreement for the distribution of three channels from the Mediapark production company (Buzz, Natura and Cultura). The channel ceased broadcasting on April 1, 2016, and integrated its content into Canal Odisea, owned by AMC Networks.


Between 2000 and 2002, I was able to work at MediaPark Teletematics, side by side, with a team of amazing professionals, people such as Eva Espinet, in charge of the promos department, the video editors Stefan Bakes and Roger Reig, as well as people from the sound department such as Josep Perales and Mario Rojo.


I also had the privilege of working with professional dubbing artists such as: Jordi Royo and Manolo García. This generic promo demonstrates the fun we had working as a team trying to turn the promos into a more cinematographic and attractive experience for the viewer. I fondly remember those days, because for me, it became a real school of narrative synthesis and content conceptualization.


On many occasions, the contents behind these promos were not even suitable for promotion, however, the challenge was to develop an attractive and dynamic brand image for a global audience at a time when pay TV was emerging in Spain with platforms such as Canal + or Vía Digital.

Client: Canal Natura, Vía Digital; Mediapark Teletemátics

Directed by: Guillem López

Copy: Guillem López

Chanel Promotions manager: Eva Espinet 

Editor: Stefan Bakes

Producer: Pere LLop

Voice Over: Jordi Royo

Sound post-production: Josep Perales Gimenez

Original version in Spanish without subtitles

Broadcasted on Canal Natura (Vía Digital) in November 2002

Year of production: 2002

Running time: 1 minute

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