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"The boy of the empty squares" Official music video of the single from the album: "Si Canto Enrere" (2015, Satélite K).

First album by the Catalan singer and pianist Gemma Humet.

El noi de les places buides

“El noi de les places buides” was the first single and videoclip of Gemma Humet's debut album: "Si canto enrere" (Satélite K, 2015). The Catalan singer and pianist released her first solo album together with guitarist Pau Figueres in the production. It was Maurici Estruga, friend and manager of Gemma Humet at that time, who presented me with the idea of making a video clip for Gemma's debut album.


It took us several days to shoot the video. We shot the first part with Gemma singing the track on the panoramic terrace of the Centre d'Art Contemporani Piramidón. I remember shooting entirely at night to contextualize Gemma with Barcelona in the background and towards the end of the shooting It was so cold and wet that most of the filming equipment got wet from condensation.  In between takes we had to put a stove next to Gemma so she could keep her body warm.


The photography was directed by Juan Cobo. Gemma's lighting was very simple; in fact, we used a white Jumbo round paper Lantern to get a soft, diffused main light on one side of her face and keep the rest in half-light, varying the camera shafts and lighting angle between each shot to add richness to Gemma's shots. 


As it happens in many music videos, the budget was quite tight, though we made up for it with the selfless collaboration of a fantastic group of fantastic professional actors and actresses who participated in the production through the efforts of the also actor and stage director Agustí Hummet, Gemma's father. Special thanks to Carol Rovira, Eduard Mauri, Marta Figueres, Llorenç González, Lluís Marquès or Mercè Martínez among others.


Working with these actors allowed us to build four fictional stories with different relationships interspersed in the editing whose cornerstone is Barcelona's nightlife. Upon the music video's premiere, many people asked if the images and music were actually from the soundtrack of a movie because of the cinematographic and narrative "look" of the stories.

Client:  Estruga Artists Management & Gemma Humet.

Directed by: Guillem López & Roger Domínguez

DOP: Juan Cobo Escorial

Lyrics: Gemma Humet

Camera Operators: Guillem López, Gil Ventura

Slider: David Avecilla

Executive Producer: Maurici Estruga

Production: Maria Flores & Guillem López

Film Editor: Guillem López

Colorist: David Avecilla Rosales

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 4 minutes 12 sec.

The Cast:

Llorenç González: Lonely boy; Paula Arbós: Polaroid photo girl; Mercè Martínez: Suitcase girl; Jordi Llordella: Suitcase girl's lover; Lluís Marquès: Bar boy; Carol Rovira: Ex bar boy's lover; Eduard Mauri: First date boy; Marta Figueres. First date girl


More information available at: 


GEMMA HUMET. El noi de les places buides (Videoclip Oficial). Guillem López Conejo.
GEMMA HUMET. El noi de les places buides (Videoclip Oficial). Guillem López Conejo.
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