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Ad made to officially announce the new sponsorship agreement with Allianz insurance company as the new FC Barcelona global sponsor through 2024.


Global Partner of FC Barcelona

Alex Teixidor, Head of Marketing. Corporate & Partners at FC Barcelona commissioned the club's Audiovisual Department to prepare a promotional video to officially announce the global sponsorship agreement with the insurance company Allianz through 2024.

I first drafted a promo based on the idea of a centennial tree whose roots and branches symbolized the spirit and values of the club. This idea was eventually discarded and we ended up creating a hybrid piece about the values that connect both brands, half promo and half ad, combining two very different styles. Allianz preferred an advertising style, however, since there was no budget for a full shooting, we resorted to using image banks and archive footage that had been already filmed by the club. We worked in a three-way collaboration: Willy Peters, one of the heads of the Audiovisual department, Arnau Alberch, the editor of the piece and Myself. In fact, we were on the verge of editing a commercial without even filming a single shot. When it comes to these types of pieces, there are always two parameters that reveal their pros and cons: creativity and funding. Both are necessary to bring a project to fruition.

Client:  Allianz & FC Barcelona

Directed by: Guillem López & Willy Peters

Copy: Guillem López & Willy Peters

Executive Producer: Alex Teixidor

Production: FC Barcelona Audiovisual Department

Film Editor: Arnau Alberch

Voice Over: Ellen Gould
Sound post-production: Pedro Navarro

Lenguage: English

Year of production: 2021

Running time: 32 sec.

More information available at:


BARCA Foundation_edited.png
FCB-Allianz cas.jpg
FC Barcelona-Allianz Promotional Campaing
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